Ok, so this isnt  A story, but i do however have a few things to tell you guys reading this as of right now. Lol. Ok so first things first i Should mention i will be putting my custum CPs and other stories i personally wrote on this wiki as well as youtube :). I'm excited to do so this is my first own wiki so yeah haha. The wiki as I'm writing this just came out today and still has alot of work to be done. So yeah this wiki may be unkown and awkward quality for a while but I assure you once it's done you'll love it. I'll keep a link on my youtube account. currently 14 as i write this going on 15 lol, Yeah i'm a young youtuber and CP lol I know  but that's whats awesome, i've been on all diff youtube accounts of mine sense i was a  kid so I know my way around with that lol, And look how far i came sense then, it's nice to see i'm getting somewhere and not no where, life is really hard for me but i'm pushing through and i hope You guys are to :). Anyways enough about me, I plan to do videos and pastas with other people as I progress, I wanna be a famous actor ( as i probably said 10000 times ) so i thought i should say i'm actually gettign small roles in movies as we speak :D. Sorry i'm getting off topic, so about this wiki, i want it to be fun and have cool chats and achivments as well as any other wiki which it will so that will be cool, now I can actually meet you Guys! :D Hopefully someone sees my wiki some day and likes what they see, and oh, most of the stories on this wiki that i will be posting is horror and drama as you probably guessed from my youtube. If you want me to do a cool project with you feel free to ask :)

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