TheMidnightMurderer ( Prequel ) Excerpt from local news paper Anonymous killer is still on the rise in our somewhat quiet town, the killer has been known to strike late at night. And is described to be tall. Very strong and covered in his victims body parts. So untill this Anonymous killer is caught their is now a time curfew to 6:00 P.M. It was my 14th birthday. And this year I had went out with my friends to see The Conjuring. I love Horror Movies, especially lost tape ones in that case.. I was also into CreepyPastas,I was a total Ham for them, My Favourite would have to be Jeff The Killer. Which their is a movie coming out of him on Oct 31, 2013. Anyways, It was 10:00 PM and well we love to stay up late. But unfortunately we went back to my place to open up cards and have cake. "Happy BirthDay Rob" Josh said as he handed his card to me which had a $25 dollar iTunes card in it. Josh is a Very Close friend of mine. Then I opened My 1st and closest friends card, which her name is Angeline. And that had a $30 dollar card in it of iTunes."Happy Birthday Rob" she said. After opening and thanking everyone for the gifts we played some party games till like 11:30 then everyone went home. When every one left I started cleaning up everything so Mom wouldn't get mad. So I decided it was a little to quiet and turned on the TV. The news channel came on but before I could change it.. An Amber Alert came on.. I tensed up a bit because they always make me feel unnerved. Then it said suddenly that their Is a unknown Dangerous serial killer on the lose around our town on Long Island. "MOM" I called out "MOM COME HERE!" I said slightly unnerved "What?" She said COMMING in her robe from her room, I looked at her quickly and said "Listen To This" but the amber ALEART ended.. Luckily it came on the news about this unknown killer and the new town curfew. "Oh My God" my mom said tying her robe together so it wouldn't fall off "Hey John" ( my dads name ) she called out for him. "What?" "Come here you gotta see this".. Eventually the whole house knew about the news... I couldn't go to sleep that night.. I mean I wasnt that scared or anything like that.. I was just nervous about this whole thing. I get anxiety when it comes to this..I stirred in my bed thinking "What if this guy comes here to our town?.. What if.. What if he gets to my street and breaks into MY house..What if...what if...." Just what if... I dozed off around 2:00 P.M. less then 30 minutes later I heard a loud scream that woke me right up.. It made me spring right up to a sitting position in my bed... This was no regular scream... This sounded like..true terror.. Like when your getting chased by a mad man. I stood frozen in my bed for about sixty seconds. Listening for the scream... I finally was able to sallow my fear and get up..slowly...I walked to the living room, but I suddenly walked back to my room and grabbed my pocket knife, "No way I am sleeping with a killer on the lose" I said under my breath talking to my self silently... I went to the window next to my front door and slightly opened the blinds so I can see out.. I saw the house across from me with all their lights on. " what are they doing up so late?" I wondered, I figured they had been setting up extra protection in their house so if that guy comes he or she can't get in. After about 20 seconds I passed it off as misunderstanding and went to bed... Then around 4:00 in the Morning I shot up in my bed from nightmare of being killed by this man. I flopped back on my bed, calming down knowing it wasn't real. I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to get a drink from the kitchen. As I went into the living room and got a fruit punch I heard a faint noise coming from the front yard... I was intrigued by this but yet slightly annoyed at the same time to hear all of this going on at this hour.My curiosity got the best of me and I walked over to the switch and turned on the living room light and walked over to the window. I looked over and saw once again nothing.... As I was about to leave when the noise came back. I suspiciously I looked out the window curiously... I glanced down and saw something in the distance. Curiously, I remembered my pocket knife and took it out of my pocket and flicked it open still looking at this figure. I squinted and look more closely at the figure... Whatever it was i noticed it was looking right back at me. Feeling Nervous I backed away from the blinds and closed them.. Trying to figure out what it was... Then after After a few seconds I opened the blinds and the figure was gone. I stayed up the rest of the night with my guard up around the living room, not knowing what to think... I don't remember what time I passed out but in the morning I woke up about 8:00. Which was weird because I normally wake up earlier, like around 6:00. But I sat up and turned the TV on to see if their was anything on this killer, when I turned it on the news turned on and the news lady said "late last night a teenage girl by the name of Katie was found dead--" I cut her off by turning off the TV thinking "this couldn't have been the the girl screams i heard last night...right? no it couldn't be,I didn't see anything last night and people would have done something right?" I wasnt sure what to think... As the week went on I tried to keep living my life as a normal person but all I kept hearing was more and more murder's... The part that horrified me was all over the town I had heard the killer has entered our town which I can't give out the name for safety reasons. A month had passed and by this Point no one went out side in our town.. And it was summer time to which ment more victims, another week passed and I was starting to get really nervous about this whole thing. I kept thinking soon I would be laying in a coffin..I stopped watching TV for obvious reasons I didn't wanna hear about this guy..then... I began to notice that my block was becoming...dead....and that night I had talked on the phone to my close friend angeline about this mess and how scary It was getting now that he is in this town..."Have you seen all the murders on the news" I asked. "Yes, it's starting to freak me out" she said nervously, we were both starting to get paranoid about everything thing, "ok well, I have something to tell you" "What" "You know that girl that was found dead a month ago?" I said "Yeah, what about her?" She asked "Well..the night before that news. I woke up to hear sounds of a girl screaming and then it just went to a dead stop... I brought my pocket knife and looked out the window to see nothing....the next night after the news I heard foot steps at 4:00 in the morning and in the front window, still holding my pocket knife, I saw something stare at me and then it disappeared".. She got scared at that point "W-we can't talk over the phone, we need to meet up". "Agreed, but when?" "Tomorrow would be good, say around 12:00?" "Ok, GoodNight" "Night" I hung up the phone and went to bed.. Well tried to anyway.. I was ready to pass out around 10:30 when suddenly I quickly woke right back up and sober to hear my parents screaming and I heard a knife cutting into someone...then it went dead silent..I then heard foot steps into my sisters room, I got up grabbed my pocket knife and slowly opend the door and walked to my sisters room.. A second later I heard her scream and I kicked the door open... What I saw was the man cutting her throat wide open... Then he took both hands and ripped her head clean off.. The he quickly turned towards me and lunged at me with the knife, I dogged it and opened my knife in attempts to stab him. I got him in the face. And that made him angry... Then he took his butcher knife and ran at me, at this point I was beyond scared... More then ever... I quickly ran towards the front door but he got me by the feet and swung me into the wall and the mirror smashed on me and cut me up.. I wasnt badly hurt.. Not yet anyway. I moaned at the pain but I had to ignore it... He grabbed me by the arm ( my left ) and as he was about to stab me but I punched him hard with my right hand.. He let go and but instead of backing up in pain he swung his knife into my face and the knife made a huge cut around my face... I screamed as I started to cry, he then grabbed me and started hitting me hard into the wall then smashed my head into the windows, breaking each, I was able to kick him hard in the face and he dropped me "HELP!!!!" I screamed.. With no time to act I ran to the frige and took out a glass beer bottle and as he ran at me I threw it at his head.. Direct hit, it was barley effective on him and then he ran at me really fast.. I ran for the front door and he jumped at me but I jumped out the front door and ran into the street... I ran as fast as I could to get away from the man. If I stopped for a second he would have me... End of part two ( prequel )

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