The MidnightMurderer part 3.

I woke up the next morning, my head felt heavy, I felt sick to my stomach. The pain in me was unbearable. I crawled to the phone in my room,praying it was still working and the cord wasn't cut, to my luck it worked but barley, I called the police for an ambulance. I was later brought to the hospital. I was put in a Simi private room, the doctor told me that I had multiple stab wounds and a nasty concussion in the head. I felt really dizzy from blood loss. After the doctor left it was quite for about an hour till my friend Angeline came to visit me. She hurried in and sat down next to me. "Are you ok?! What happend last night?!" "I...I don't man.. Killed my family in their sleep..I was in bed when I heard my sister scream and.. I got up, and I went to her room with a pocket and knife...and what I saw...that...THAT MAN-THAT KILLER-TH-TH-THAT MURDERER! HE KILLED HER...he killed my whole family..he tried to kill me...I fought him off as well as I could but, it's like It didn't affect him...he...he brought me to this-this- place of his, where he takes his victims I guess, the room was coverd in blood AND BODIES EVERY WHERE,..WHEN I GOT UP I SAW. THE NEW GIRL THAT MOVED INTO THE HOUSE NEXT TO MINE! HE SAWED HER BODY PARTS OFF AND ACTUALLY RECORDED THAT" I started to cry...I told Angeline the rest of the story and she listened carefully. By the time I finished her face had changed from interested to scared and sad. "Oh my God..." She said "What am I gonna do once I get outa here, I sure as hell can't go back to my house...but...what I'm really wondering about one other thing..who the hell was that man. I couldn't see anything on him because he was wearing a bloody leather mask and his outfit was covered in blood and body parts and it was torn in alot of places. I couldn't make out his face...and what I also wonder is why this person always attacks so late.. Not just me.. Even before I encountered him every day less people lived on my block, and on the news every kill was said to be at night mostly around midnight....but...why?..." She said nothing in reply. "Um, I have to go now I wish I can stay but their is somewhere I need to be, I'll be back as soon as I can, goodbye Rob" "Bye." As soon as she left the room the girl a few feet to the right of me started to speak to me "Hey, um I'm sorry.. But that man U mentioned to your friend.. That. That really Happend?" " why?" "Because.. The man you described sounds just like the person who tried to kill and my brother were living with my grandma because my mom was sent to an insane asylum and my dad is suffering in the hospital for the rest of his life...when I was at a friends house I was informed someone broke into my house , killed my older Sister with a knife to the head. And I was told he attempted to kill my dad but my mom tried to stop him but then he beat and raped her, and before he could kill any of them, my little brother called the police from upstairs... He is a nervous reck now" I was intrigued by what she said " Well then.. How did You get in here exactly?" I asked "Well...about 24 hours after I moved in with my grandmas with my brother, it was said that the police who were driving that man to the police station never made it, the car was found crashed on the side of a near by bridge and the cops were never recoverd, nor was the killer...later that night I was going up stairs to bed when I heard my brother crying upstairs ... He was in the Bath room, I looked in on him, he was shaking very hard, with a blade to his nick "Jason no!" I said as I took the knife from Him. "Are u crazy?! What are you Doing?!" And all he did was start crying and shaking more and started murmuring random babbles...I decided to sleep with him that night so he wouldn't do anything stupid...I woke up out of now where that night, i don't know why I just felt the need to get up... I headed down stairs and as I got to the last step I smelt a awfully bad aroma coming from the hallway, the smell lead to my grandmas room.. I went into her room and flicked on the lights and...the...the room was..covered in blood!, her body was like an optical illusion, not only was it cut up and bloodied,but I couldn't tell if she was laying on her stomach or back, it was sickening, her face was awfully burned....her hair was ripped out and whatever was left was burned black. And her eyes were awfully sunken in...and her mouth was ripped open and I can see the insides of her mouth. And almost all her teeth were missing and it looked like some parts of her gums were torn out. Then out of no where this man stood up in front of me, I stood there, frozen in fear, the man took my grandma’s body, and threw it right on top of me. I pushed the body off of me and quickly stood up, he then took a vase from my grandmas shelf and threw it on her head as her skull cracked open. He then stomped on her head and her head smashed open to smithereens... and crushed whatever was left of her brain and slowly walked towards me..As he got to me he raised his knife and finally I found my voice and screamed as loud as I could and ran but then he grabbed me by the leg and made me fall to the ground... Then he stomped on the front of my leg and crushed it, then took my left leg..dragged me to the corner of the hard shelf and forced my leg into the corner, crushing it. Blood gashed from both legs.. I screamed hard and screamed while crying, I begged, pleaded for him to spare me, but that wasn't going to be given, he approached me... Raised the knife to my head and as he flung the knife at me and right as it was about to bury in my head my brother Jason came in and bashed right into the killer with his body, knocking the killer out of a near by window...then I looked at Jason and he started shaking and crying and started calling the killer a name...Something like..TheMidnightMurderer, and he said that over and over and suddenly he picked up the blade on the floor and stabbed himself about 3 times and fell to his knees, then he said goodbye and snapped his own neck right in front of me..killing himself" She then looked away from me and started sobbing "Oh my God...Oh My God...". Me feeling so bad for this poor girl... I looked at her crying, not knowing what to say... " I'm sorry for your loss" I told her. " Are you gonna be ok? You know with your injuries?" I asked her. " Yeah, the doctors said i’ll be able to walk again in a few months" "Ok, so..this ..Killer..what is he called?" "I don't really know, but my brother Called him TheMidnightMurderer, because he only strikes us at night." "That's exactly when he attacked My family" I thought. "Hey...I'm Rob.. What's your name?" "Um, my names Addy" "Nice To meet u addy, it Seems that this MidnightMurderer... We have both encountered the Man.. Did u happen to get a look at his face by any chance?" "No., he was wearing a mask." "My mom may know what he looked like though because she said his mask may have fallen off during the rape, but like I said she is in an insane asylum." "Oh...Damn..if only we knew what he looked like." We kept talking about this Killer for most of the day untill the occasional nurse came in to tell us about our injuries and what not. later that night I had a hard time sleeping because all I can think about was that killer and what Addy had told me what happend to her and her brother Jason...And me… The next day the nurse told me about my wounds and that I'd be able to leave in a few weeks, same as Addy . Over the next couple of weeks me and Addy were talking to each other non stop, with Angeline occasionally dropping by to come see me.. Me and Addy both were slightly worried about where to go when we were able to leave sense that was tomorrow so when Angeline dropped by to see me I introduced her to Addy and luckily they got along nicely, so then we told her about our dilemma and she said we could stay with her. Then the day came when we were able to leave the hospital, we all went to Angeline’ s house and every seemed just fine for about 2 whole days. We were all finally starting to feel happy...but then over then next few days we started getting these threatening messages every where we went in the house and we all started to become pale and paranoid.. We felt like we were being watched ...So her parents thought it would be best if we don't leave the house for a few days so they can keep an eye on us...Friday... Me and Addy and Angeline we're all feeling extremely paranoid by this point and didn't say a word all day until we were ready for bed..we all knew something bad was going to happen .... We all tried to sleep that night... I woke up around 12:30 at night...I really don't know why, I went to go to the bathroom, when I was heading back to the room I noticed that inside Angelines room...she was not in her bed.. I passed it on thinking that maybe she was just awake in her room like me- until I hear a muffled scream from outside that sends a chill down my spine. I went to wake up addy and she sprung up. "What rob? What do you---" "Shush, listen" We both stay quiet and then hear the awful scream again. We looked out the window and what we saw.... We saw Angeline with her mouth duck taped and her hands chained to a wall out side while her feet were tied to the back of a running car and we saw the killer in the drivers seat. "OH SHIT OH SHIT" I screamed as me and Addy ran down the hall way to go get Angeline's parents but they weren't in their beds. We ran down stairs and all the way outside to we're Angeline was chained "ANGELINE OH MY GOD" Me and Addy exclaimed in panic, Angeline looked at us with true terror. And I looked at TheMidnightMurderer and ran to the car "YOU! DON'TYOU DO IT!!!!DON'T DO IT!!!" And right when I reached the window the man hit the gas and took off speeding and ripped angeline's legs clean off , and then I fell to the floor crying "NOO!!!NOO!!! YOU ASSWHOLE!!!" I said sobbing, then he hit the breaks on the car, I ran back to addy who couldn't stop screaming and freaking out and crying in fear. The man walked over to Angeline's body and sliced up whatever was left and then torched her face... He then picked up some tools from the car and headed to a near by tree... Their me and Addy saw Angeline's parents tied to it, they were both beaten and striped from their clothes, "Oh My God..." We helplessly watched as the killer went to her mother and ripped off her arm and beat her with it, then broke the arm he ripped off of her in half and used whatever he could of the arm and shoved it down her throat as blood and some of the muscle trickled down her throat then he took the reminder of the arm, tore the bone out and stabbed her in the throat, and chest with her own bone, then took it and buried it in her head then removing her eyes with her hands. He then turned to the father, grabbed his penis and testicals and ripped them right off and shoved them down his throat as well, then ripped his head clean off and then beat his body with a wrench... Then he took a tree branch and stabbed his corpse... And then finished them off by burning them alive with gasoline from the car...burning the tree down,along with their corpses... Me and Addy were scared out of our minds and crying...We got up and tried to run but we were both frozen...He then ran towards me and punched me in the face..knocking me out...when I awoke.. I was back in that horrible basement of his.. Only this time I looked and Addy was right next to me..she was in a panic, I sat up.. And I looked at her "Oh no" She looked at me sacred as hell. "Get me the hell out of here!" "Ok..just,just give me a minute To think" I slowly lead her towards the exit, being cautious looking for the man being here...We got all the way to the back yard and suddenly I realised something. "Oh shit...this...this is my house! His place were he kills people is in MY basement!" "Were the hell is he?" "I don't know" Suddenly I heard a bark that scared me, my dog came running out of know where when suddenly the killer came out with a screw driver and stabbed it in the eyes to death, then cut his head clean off, .. Me and Addy screamed and ran Into the house and straight into my room, we heard him Break down the back door.. Then we heard his foot steps heading for my room. I quickly opened my back window and then put something heavy against the door... The Killer tried to break the door down and by the second the door was starting to slowly break down. I grabbed my back pack and quickly filled it with some supplies and all the pictures of the houses the killer has broken into and took a anything that looked like a weapon in my room and held it, I gave Addy my pocket knife. And then said "keep it, just incase". She was crying, she nodded "Ok". And then we headed for the window and jumped out of it... And then we were climbing the fence to get out of my back yard and suddenly we heard TheMidnightMurderer break down the door and he jumped out the window and headed for the fence, I helped out Addy and pushed her over, and I was right at the top and right and when I was about to hop over he grabbed me by the foot. Addy screamed "ROB WATCH OUT!!!" And then he raised his blade and was about to shove it into my foot but before he could I kicked him hard in the face. My fear quickly turned to anger as I said "BITCH!" The killer fell to the floor. And I hoped the fence and we both ran and ran for blocks and finally we started walking down the street and she said "We need to call the cops" I looked at her and said "No, the cops can't help us he will just kill them, were on our own, but if we wanna get him caught we need to know What he looks like so just incase we do go to the cops we have a description, and we need to plan this out, wait a second... You said your mom may know what he looks like right?" "Yes but she is in a mental hospital, I don't know if she is stable enough" "Well she is the only one that knows him best as of now, do u know where this mental hospital is?" I asked earnestly. "I'm not sure.. But I know it's around here, why?" "Because we are gonna find that hospital and see your mom" "Why?" "She is the only chance of getting this guy caught" She then looked at me with an unsure face. "Well...alright then...we will just have to find the asylum" -The End

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