TheMidnightMurderer (part 1 )

I ran away as fast as I could to get away from the man, if I stopped for a second he would have me.It was too late for my sister and parents, he got them all. It was really dark out because it was late ( like 10:30 or 11:00 ) plus it was very slippery because it rained so I had to be careful. The man was gaining on me quickly, I had to think fast or I was dead. I made a sharp turn down the road and he grabbed me hard. I started doing what ever I could to hurt him, I kicked screamed and elbowed but it was useless. I screamed for help but no one heard me. He smacked my head hard repeatedly against a metal pole connected to a fence of a near by house then stabbed me three times hard on my upper right leg with his knife then grabbed my head and threw me into the metal fence, then picked me back up, holding me hard. I was bleeding everywhere he had hurt me. Tears streamed down my face as I cried and screamed for help. I then passed out from the pain..... When I awoke, I was laying flat on the floor, I had surge of pain coming from my forehead and thigh were he hurt me. At first my vision was blurry, then focused into view, the room was covered in blood everywhere, not one inch with out it. There were dead bodies all over the room, they all looked terrible and like they have been down here for weeks, the smell made me want to vomit. I looked to my right and saw some bodies chained to the wall. One body had it's eyes gouged out of it's head. It's head was turned to disgusting angle, all the teeth and tongue were ripped out, it's intestines were hanging from the corpse to the floor, the poor body was cut up and bloodied and tortured to death you couldn't even tell if it was a It was a male or female. The last thing I noticed before I couldn't look at it anymore was that the only thing keeping the body hanging on the wall was a small artery from the neck. Next to the corpse was a shelf with body parts like penis's, testicles, cut up boobs, and other body parts in jars. To my left was a bloody table with power tools, a USB drive and a laptop. suddenly I heard a chainsaw noise and a muffled scream. I slowly stood up,remembering to be careful on my right leg. My head and body was covered in dry blood and my head was killing me more then ever but I had to ignore it. When I stood up I felt off balance at first. When I had my balance I saw a teenage girl with duck tape strapped tight to a autopsy table. I recognized this girl. "No, no no no..." I said silently to my self as I backed up in shock. Suddenly she saw me and tried to shout to me but I couldn't understand her. Before I could do anything the man that had hurt me earlier came in with a chainsaw and started the camera . He had a chainsaw in his hands, it had blood and tiny peaces of body parts on it . As I slowly and and stealthy headed for the exit to get help, a sharp pain went through my leg and I yelped, the man turned around and saw me, we stared at each other for about ten seconds. I was frozen in fear. Then he started the chainsaw. And as I went to try and stop him from sawing that girl my leg gave out on me and I fell and he chainsawed all her limbs off then cut her head clean off." No!" I screamed as I reached for her, then I pounded my fist on the floor "Dammit..." I said under my breath, still terrified, I got up and ran for the exit, ignoring the pain in my leg, I had to if I wanted to live. The man was right behind me with the chainsaw, I ran up the basement stairs that led to some back yard or lot, I couldn't tell what it was, then I leaped off the last step to the dirt as he swung the chainsaw at me and just missed. I fell to the ground and lay flat on the dirt, then the man lunged at me and swung his chain saw in my face and at my last few seconds I put my hands in front of my face trying to accept my fate then his chainsaw connected to my face and I blacked out. .........I woke up barley alive in a pitch black room. I was laying on a rug. I couldn't move my head to easy. I moved my eyes to my right and saw a digital time,then I saw a power button. . It was a cable box that said 12:59... I finally figured I was back in my bed room. Their was a terrible smell to my left under my bunk bed and I knew in an instant what it was...... To the right on the floor i made out some pictures...of all the houses on my block with a giant X on all of them...All but mine, mine had a huge circle on it.... No matter what happened tonight. I couldn't keep awake anymore. I passed out.........

The end ( of part one )

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